Night Sky Supernova is a funky rock band from Salt Lake City, UT. Formed in 2015 by guitarist/vocalist Jason Kelly, who brought the guys together from their varied musical backgrounds, which range from classical, to rock, to jazz, and prog. 

The gents spent their early days honing their sound, fine tuning their songs, and then jamming for hours at a time; blending a strong groove, tight musicianship, and clever lyrics together with spontaneous jams for an entertaining and explorative musical experience.

After playing locally around Salt Lake City, they started expanding their reach in 2018. With the release of their first EP "Ellipsis" in 2019, Night Sky Supernova established themselves as a musical force intent on spreading positivity, shaking booties, and expanding minds.

Jason Kelly

Guitars, lead vocals

Jason Kelly is largely self-taught as a guitarist. He combines styles of a veritable plethora of influential artists into his own percussive rhythm guitar playing that often gets compared to Tommy Emmanuel. Jason also plays guitar for Chrome Street, the Modern/Classical acoustic hybrid chamber quartet, and a whole bunch of fretted instruments in his solo act, Mr. Notewordy. He's a polyglot with a penchant for etymology and syntax, so if that's your jam, then cool, I guess. 

Steve Voorhees


Steve is a transplant from the classical world who's tearing it up in the rock world. With a Master's Degree in Orchestral Conducting, Steve worked as a conductor in various capacities, including a stint as the conductor of the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra. He also plays French Horn, piano, and guitar. He works a side hustle composing music for independent films. During one fateful scoring session, he needed a bass to lay down some tracks. So he bought one. A week later he was in the band. 

Brad Lord

Drums and vocals

Brad eats drums for breakfast. Probably. They DO call him Lord of the Drums. He completed a performance degree at the University of Utah for drumming, and won a couple of awards while he was at it. He played in a number of university ensembles at the U and for the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra, and stays busy playing in a number of different groups and teaching lessons. He played for the indie rock group Argyle, and it was with that group that he decided that he wanted to be a drummer as his real life grown up profession. And darned if he's not doing just that.

Josh Francis

Keys, Vocals, trumpet

Josh Francis is a man of many talents. He started out as a trumpet player in his high school’s marching band, and then just took off, soaking in as much as he could musically. He was the leader of a vocal jazz group that performed in jazz festivals across the nation. He’s played in many a band, and traveled the world over playing gigs, weddings, and shows. He opened for BB King for crying out loud. His instrument collection is diverse and eclectic. And he’s the nicest guy you’re ever likely to meet.